DIY Kaffee Röstseminar in Hamburg

DIY coffee roasting seminar in Hamburg

DIY coffee roasting seminar in Hamburg

You can roast coffee yourself at home in just 10 minutes. The inner core of the coffee cherry, known as the bean, is roasted. This bean is green and has a hard core. The green core has to be made to lose water when the coffee is roasted.

This happens through the roasting process. The hard core loses water and weight through roasting. The heat causes the color to change from green to brown.

What makes a good coffee roast?

A good coffee roast is characterized by its taste, but it can also be recognized visually by the roasted beans. The bean must get an even, smooth surface during roasting. If it is not properly roasted by stopping too early, the skin will look wrinkled. The taste is then dull from a certain point of taste perception.

If the bean is roasted too long or too quickly, it can burn and this means that it does not have a flavor culture that reflects the cherry, but tastes one-sided and flat.

Who invented coffee roasting

Coffee comes from East Africa Ethiopia. Here the coffee cherry was discovered by a goatherd and coffee has been roasted there for about 900 years. This culture of roasting at home has survived to this day in East Africa. On the coast of Somalia, the Swahili in Kenya and in Sudan. With the Ottomans, coffee came to Vienna in the 18th century and has survived to this day.
Also in Germany at the beginning of the century there were many more small roasting plants than today and roasting individual hand-made roasting pans for the home. In our roasting seminar we continue the tradition and would like to show how to roast good coffee at home

What happens when coffee is roasted

Coffee is roasted with heat, how could it be otherwise. The originally green beans are heated and go through different transformation processes. The bean loses almost a fifth of its weight. The ingredients, acid. The aromas unfold on this white and give the coffee its taste

How to roast coffee at home

In order to roast coffee at home, you have to develop a feeling like a real roast master. It is of course easier to eyelet overall if you use the better material. We will present the equipment in our seminar. A simple home pot is very difficult to implement and also takes much longer than our specially manufactured Tenfarmers special roaster, as the coffee beans do not get even heat.

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