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Purple chai tea

Purple Tea Chai Masalla

  • That's why Purple Tea Chai Masalla Latte is the tastiest in the world
  • How to prepare Purple Tea Chai Masalla Latte
  • In Kenya I discovered purple tea
  • How I came to make the Lila Chai Masalla Latte
  • Tasting is believing, first time first love
  • My tip for the best time to drink Lila Chai Masalla Latte

Purple tea chai from Tenfarmersandbananas

That's why Purple Tea Chai Masalla Latte is the tastiest in the world

How come I call Purple Tea Chai Masalla the world's tastiest latte? What is anyway purple tea Chai Masala? No shit, he's special. Then Purple tea is truly purple pigmented tea! It thrives in Kenya on the east coast of Africa. The plantation is actually purple to look at and differs from the purely green tea bushes that are otherwise known.

Masalla means to mix something in Hindu/Indian and in food jargon it is a mixture of spices, although there is no uniform mixture. The ingredients for Purple Tea Chai Masalla are at Tenfarmersandbananas Cinnamon, cloves, anise, cardamom and white pepper.

How to prepare Purple Tea Chai Masalla Latte

You can boil Lilac Tea Lilac Tea Chai Masalla with any milk. Whether soy, almond, oats or cow's milk. Personally, I prefer to use soy milk. Now tea can be prepared on different whites. If you enjoy action, we have a short recipe video ( link ) that shows you how to make it perfect, even for more than one cup.

How I came to make the Purple Tea Chai Masalla Latte 

I've known lilac tea for a few years now. In 2014 I traveled to my mother in Kenya. It should be more than just a vacation trip home.

(Because I wanted to explore tea, my contacts gave me the tip to visit a tea plantation on the slopes of Mount Kenya. I drove there with my uncle Mwangi and my cousin Kariuki for a little over three hours. It was the second tea plantation that I visited and this is where the origin of the purple tea genus lies.)

The people in charge of purple tea in Kenya told me that it would taste good with lemon, so I drank it at first. That was all they gave me for taste information.

Over time I started the small sample amounts I received for my then small tea startup just boil it up with milk. I lived in Kenya during my teenage years and in Kenya it is customary to only drink tea with milk. Black tea without milk and especially green tea have no tradition in Kenya. So it was almost inevitable that I would soon prepare it with milk, excluding the spices back then.

Purple tea itself has only been available in supermarkets in Kenya for about four years and only in the more exclusive shopping malls. There it is still mainly recommended with lemon. So no one has questioned that until now!

For the general kamau (equivalent to your average joe in Kenya), milk may not be rustic enough.

Tasting is believing, first time first love

The moment I tried lilac tea with milk for the first time, I thought I was only tasting the milk at first. It took me a while to notice that the cup had turned into a vanilla-tonga nut trinity with a fruity aftertaste and it dawned on me like simmering milk what an insanely awesome taste has just sprung up here. As a tea lover, there is probably nothing greater than becoming a part of the expedition to the tea kingdom. A real content, drop all you got, inner wow effect overcame me.

Purple Tea Chai Masalla Recipe Photo

My tip for the best time to drink Lila Chai Masalla

It's snowing outside and it's a typically frosty winter afternoon. A little warming wants to be found quickly. How nice that the milk and the stovetop are on and the pot on it is already letting the milk and the purple tea simmer together .

The elements merge into a violet crema. The scent of the winter angels. Vanilla, clove, cinnamon sprinkle their beguiling, spicy aromas into the air, the nose would like to stay out of the face and on the edge of the pot. The spices with their important nutrients have a strengthening effect and give the tea an additional healing effect.

The first sips are benevolent and the Purple Tea Chai Masala tastes lively and fresh , not flat and rancid. The white pepper puts a soft, thin sharpness on the carpet of taste. Anise, clove and cinnamon create a woody note.

Every sip is like a caressing hand, a cuddly sheep's sweater, a well-rested feeling, like informal togetherness, traveling conversation in a cozy cafe, while outside the snowflakes affirm their joie de vivre!

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