Making charcoal from waste products, a climate project

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Making charcoal from waste products, a climate project

Why is?

Climate change presents humanity with existential challenges. Hunger, social and political crises are the consequences of the uncontrolled increase in temperature, caused, among other things, by the clearing of trees and the elimination of the associated natural carbon dioxide store.

With the help of a pyrolysis machine to promote climate-friendly coal, we would like to make our contribution to bringing about positive change for people and the environment.

The pyrolysis machine converts agricultural waste products such as coconut shells, pineapple leaves, corn on the cob and coffee grounds into valuable charcoal. In order to minimize the use of wood burning charcoal from trees, we aim to use this pyrolysis machine in Kenya (Africa). A piece of land in Kenya has already been identified for the implementation of this project. There the pyrolysis machine would be placed and the manufacture operated.

Clean Energy Manufactory in Kenya-

Everything begins and ends with energy. Glad ours is clean, by the
Use of coffee grounds as an energy source.

2018 - I read an article on the BBC about charcoal made from coffee grounds. I order samples from a company in England and start experimenting with the first coffee grounds.

2019 - A laboratory test is carried out to determine the energy content of coffee grounds. I'm experimenting with coffee grounds at home, I'm attending the Grillmesse in Düsseldorf and doing market research.

2020 - The project for coffee grounds as a grill lighter starts and I sell a quantity of 2500 grill lighters to Veganbox and other shops. When I bought a pellet machine in Kenya, my uncle gave me advice because I live in Germany.

2021 - The pellet machine in Kenya is purchased, together with a hexler. Everything made in Kenya. We build a small hut and connect a power line. The on-site staff try out the machines. First we use the waste of normal charcoal that can be bought in a ghetto.

2022 - I travel to Kenya and inspect the progress. We buy two barrels of oil and build them into a proto-retour to test the pyrolysis effect ourselves and determine the economics.

2023 This year the crowdfunding campaign starts to buy a returned machine and use it in Kenya.

Coffee with climate protection project in Africa TenfarmersandBananas

Charcoal made from coffee grounds in Kenya by TenfarmersandBananas