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Purple iced tea set

Purple iced tea set

iced tea set

In our gift box you get:

  • 1x Cold Brew Bottle with filter (750ml)
  • 2x Varieties of Purple Leaf Tea
  • Material: heat-resistant glass

iced tea set

Introducing the ultimate iced tea set: the perfect companion for tea lovers who want a refreshing and uncomplicated iced tea experience. Our carefully crafted set includes a specially designed measuring spoon and versatile bottle that will revolutionize the way you make, store and enjoy your favorite homemade iced tea.

The bottle's ingenious construction with integrated mesh ensures seamless pouring while preventing unwanted tea leaves from spilling out. Say goodbye to those frustrating leaf scraps floating in your jar! With our mesh bottle, you can effortlessly pour freshly made iced tea without worrying about dirt ruining your drink.

But that's not all! Our multifunctional bottle is also a storage and transport solution. The convenient size and secure locking mechanism means you can safely store your homemade iced tea without worrying about leaks or spills. Take it to work, to the gym or on your outdoor adventures - it's designed to fit seamlessly into your lifestyle.

The spoon allows for effortless measuring and mixing of your tea ingredients, completing this remarkable set for brewing your ideal glass of iced tea.

The iced tea set is more than just a collection of utensils - it's a testament to our commitment to providing tea lovers with a premium experience. It's an invitation to explore the world of flavors and creativity of iced tea while enjoying the comfort and elegance of our thoughtfully designed set.

Expand your ice tea game with our ice tea set. Enjoy the simplicity, functionality and style it brings to your tea rituals. Say goodbye to messy preps and unsightly leaf scraps and say hello to a delicious and refreshing experience every time you enjoy a glass of homemade iced tea.

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