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Tea Seminar Online

Tea Seminar Online

Dear reader,

My name is Angelo and I'm taking you on a journey in the wonderful world of tea . I have been professionally involved with tea for over 13 years and I am pleased that you also want to learn more about tea.

There are two small ones in Kenya tea gardens family owned and so I came up with the idea of ​​doing an online tea seminar where tea is tried and I give you 20 minutes Take live to the tea plantation . Then you will learn even more emotionally about tea cultivation from my Kenyan family and you will smell fresh tea leaves.

Come along to the online tea seminar with a visit to our purple tea plantation in Kenya.

TIME: Sundays or according to individual wishes. NUMBER OF PARTICIPANTS: Individual participants or groups of up to 35 participants.

90 mins 13.00 - 14.30


  • Try purple tea
  • A total of six types of tea from all over the world
  • 20min live stream on the purple tea plantation in Kenya
  • Very fair compensation for the local farmers
  • Learn all about the history and cultivation of tea
  • How do you recognize good tea by the cup, scent and leaf
  • Learn the best way to prepare tea in the tea seminar
  • Why the teapot is important in the preparation
  • Q&A live with Kenneth and Shiru, tea farmers in Kenya
  • Advance delivery of the teas

Tea seminar with teapot from Tenfarmersandbananas

Photo for Tea Seminar by TenfarmersandBananas

Be fair in global cooperation

The reason is that I like the world more transparent and fairer would see. I lived in Kenya when I was a teenager and I always wanted to bring these experiences closer in a form here.

Me, my uncle Kenneth and my cousin Shiru are looking forward to your tea seminar participation!

This is what an online tea seminar participant needs

  • Kettle
  • min. 1, max. 6 teacups
  • at least 1 preparation utensil (tea strainer, tea egg, teapot, empty teabag)

If you have more questions, write an email or give me a call.

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